8 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

8 Weeks Baby is the size of Grape

So, it has almost been two months since you found out you will be having a baby. 8 weeks of pregnancy have gone by and everything seems great so far. By now, we are sure that a lot of questions may arise in your mind like the first being, what happens at 8 weeks pregnant stage?

Pregnancy is an unexplainable phenomenon. The more you learn about it, the more miraculous it may seem but experiencing is believing, right? Your body has gone through some minimal changes by now. Your hunger must have increased, and your fatigue may have amplified as well.

8 weeks into the pregnancy, let’s talk about how your body is responding so far and how is the development of your baby going. Here is everything you need to know about what happens at 8 weeks pregnant stage and your complete guide to what may be next for you.

Your baby at 8 weeks of pregnancy & the doctor’s appointment

So, you are almost wrapping up your second month of pregnancy which means only one month to go until your first trimester is over. There is a great chance that you may not be showing yet but being pregnant is surely feeling all the more real now.

Most of the pregnant women have their first prenatal doctor’s appointment just by the end of 8th week. This appointment will basically tell you how the growth of your baby has been so far and how your body is responding to all the changes.

Can you see your baby?

8 weeks pregnant ultrasound

At the doctor’s office, there may be an ultrasound performed and you will get to hear your baby’s first heartbeat. You will also get to have some answers about what happens at 8 weeks pregnant size, get to see 8 week fetus pictures that will be the first of your baby’s images.

Yes, you heard us right. You will be able to hear and see your baby for the very first time.

Your baby has developed a heartbeat by now which you will be able to listen to once you see your gynecologist. As for your baby’s growth, your little nudger has the size of a small raspberry by now and he would weigh around 0.8 ounces in most cases. The growth of your baby is about one millimeter a day which is a normal growth rate.

Your baby will finally begin to develop bones and the shaping of joints and toes will begin to take place. When your baby is in the womb, his feet and hands are webbed which begin to grow at the 8th week of pregnancy.

It is safe to say that 8th week of pregnancy brings a lot of changes. You’re two months across your pregnancy and your baby is finally taking the shape of a little human from a little bean. That is surely a lot of progress.

Symptoms you will experience in the 8th week of pregnancy

Just because you’re almost done with your first trimester, doesn’t mean you will be done with your signs of pregnancy anytime sooner. What happens at 8 weeks pregnant is much more than this. Some of the signs that you will experience at the 8th week of pregnancy are mentioned below.


To be honest, the struggle to sleep at the 8th week of pregnancy is real. You are now bringing another life into the world and that requires a lot of patience.

Your body is now producing more blood for the baby and that will cause you to have lower blood pressure as compared to before pregnancy. The best thing to do is rest and try to take a nap as much as you can. The less you make an effort, the better.

Sore breasts

Most of the people do not really understand what happens at 8 weeks of being pregnant! But let us tell you, sore breasts happen.

You’re now prepping for breastfeeding and your breast may feel heavier, bigger and let’s face it, much sore than before, that is mainly because of milk-producing lobules being expanded in your breasts. Your breasts are going to remain sore for a while now.

Morning sickness

Related to those pregnancy hormones, your nausea is going to be at its peak at the 8th week of pregnancy. What you need to do is stay hydrated and look at all the healthy food throughout the day. Smell some fresh fragrances and you will not feel the need to hit the bathroom every once in a while.

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A heightened sense of smell

The fact that your nausea is at its peak is because you have a heightened sense of smell. Even though this may be a blessing because you get to smell all the fresh scents from a mile away, but you will also smell all the rotten stuff.

Try to inhale soap or perfume scent to avoid triggering nausea because of bad smell.


Now this is normal. 50% of pregnant women go through constipation, starting from the third month of pregnancy. If you are unable to pass stool and it may begin to hurt at times, all you need is water and a lot of fresh juices.

You can also take shakes if you like. They also help when dealing with constipation during pregnancy.

Pregnancy cramps

Cramping is normal at 8 weeks of pregnancy. What happens at 8 week pregnant cramps is that your uterus has begun to expand to make room for your little baby. It may even hurt your back. In case, your cramping gets severe or you’re worried about it, let your doctor know at once.


Risk of miscarriage at 8-weeks of pregnancy also has a high rate. So, when you see you’re spotting, you should consult your doctor immediately. However, spotting in pregnancy doesn’t always mean that you may be losing your baby.

You have got a lot on your mind and spotting also occurs sometimes when you are extremely anxious. But no matter what, if you see blood, consult your doctor immediately.

Difficulty sleeping

Some pregnant women experience weird dreams through the course of pregnancy. It may disturb their sleeping routine but nevertheless, it is normal. Your thoughts are scattered, and this could be the cause of your experiencing weird dreams.

Talk to your spouse about it and let yourself rest, as much as you can. This is better than just overthinking about what happens at 8 weeks pregnant stage.

These were a few major symptoms that pregnant women experience at the 8th week of pregnancy. If you feel something isn’t right or you don’t understand any of your symptoms, you should always consult your doctor.

Your body during the 8th week of pregnancy

Moving on to your body, have you been wondering if you should be showing by now or not? Showing belly at 8 weeks of pregnancy is normal, so is not showing at all.

Weight gain at 8-weeks of pregnancy is not that much and has basically begun, for the 7 months now, you will be putting on a lot of weight and this is merely the start.

All you need to know for now about what happens at 8 weeks pregnant phase is that your uterus has finally begun to expand. Every mom and her baby are different, just because the other woman was showing at the 8th week doesn’t mean you will show as well.

It may take some time before your belly becomes prominent. In case you are 8-weeks pregnant with twins, your belly will be easily prominent as compared to singleton moms. So, as for your body, except for your sore breasts, there is really not much to say yet.

What to eat and avoid during the 8th week of pregnancy?

Eat Ideal Pregnancy Diet

You are into two months of being pregnant and it is time you begin to take care of your diet if you haven’t already. Here are a few foods that you need to eat and a few to avoid during the 8th week of pregnancy and so on.

What to eat?

Fruits and vegetables

The best thing to do when pregnant is that you get an excuse to eat healthily and stay healthy. If you weren’t fond of fruits and vegetables before, bring them in your diet now. Fruits are filled with vitamins and fiber, they are a great source of energy.

Not to mention, if you are scared of putting on unnecessary weight, eating vegetables and fruits seems a wiser option in that case scenario.

Protein foods

You need a high protein diet. You are bringing a new life into the world and that is one of the hardest tasks of the world. Protein foods include chicken, meat, fish and eggs. Bring them into your routine and create a balanced diet alongside vegetables and fruits.

The healthier you eat, the happier you and your baby will be.


As mentioned before, women run a high risk of developing constipation during pregnancy. In order to tackle that risk and reduce the chances of developing hemorrhoids, you need to have more fiber in your diet. Foods like wholemeal bread, wholegrain pasta, wild rice, beans, lentils, vegetables, and fruits are rich in fiber.


Your curiosity about what happens at 8 weeks pregnant belly needs to be satiated, we get it. We know that it may seem unbelievable, but you require fats as well. However, your diet should not take up more than 30% of fats. Do not go for junk foods, they will increase your risk of developing a heart problem. Go for a balanced diet. That is the key to having a pleasant pregnancy experience.


You require dairy food as well. You are carrying a lot of weight and your bones must have their strength. Drinking milk daily and eating dairy items will help you maintain your calcium intake. You always have cheese, yogurt, and milk that happen to be the richest in calcium.

What to avoid?

So, as mentioned above, those were the foods that you must bring into your diet throughout the course of pregnancy. And these are the foods that you need to avoid.


Alcohol is extremely harmful to your baby. What happens at 8 weeks pregnant stage regarding alcohol is that your child’s liver doesn’t have the strength to tolerate the severity of alcohol, so this is something you need to avoid the best you can. It is highly important for the well-being of your baby.

Junk food

As mentioned before, you must maintain a balanced diet by having fiber, calcium, protein and fats daily. Junk food, however, only offers fat in a large amount, make sure you avoid it. In case, you get cravings, you can always eat them once in a while.

Raw eggs

Avoid raw eggs and any food that may include raw eggs in them. Always eat completely cooked eggs throughout the course of your pregnancy. It is to avoid salmonella infection.

Uncooked or partially cooked meat

It is also very crucial to avoid any kind of partially or uncooked meat. Always prepare your food thoroughly until they are smoking hot. You do not want to develop a risk of having listeriosis or pathogens.

Empty calorie food

Some other foods that you need to keep to a minimum include biscuits, cakes, chips, candies, and cookies. We understand it must be hard, but this is what happens at 8 weeks pregnant phase. You need to make certain changes, as discussed above. It is to make sure that you maintain healthy body weight. These foods do not have any nutritional value and are high in sugar/fats. So, it is better to avoid them.

So, this was our complete guide on 8th week of pregnancy. We hope this article helps out sort your misconceptions. If you have any questions in this regard, we will be happy to answer you. Leave us with your feedback in the comments below.

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