35 Week Pregnant – Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy

35 Weeks Baby is the size of jackfruit

35th week of pregnancy

Your 35 week old baby is almost ready to come out of your womb and live with you. Some mothers-to-be start stressing out a lot during this time. You must have made so many plans for your newborn baby and now you are stressing out because a lot of them are not completed yet.

There is no need to make this time difficult for you. Even if you are missing out on something, you should not let this affect you. Right now the most important things to own include a good baby mattress and a car seat so that you can bring your baby home. Everything else would be sorted out easily.

Average baby weight at 35 weeks

Your 35 week old baby has now reached the maximum length that it could inside your belly. Most of the babies are nearly 18 to 19 inches long during the 35th week. Their weight can vary as well. Normally a 35 week old baby would weigh around 5 to 6 pounds.

This week marks almost the end of your 8th month of pregnancy. You have roughly 5 more weeks left until your due date and the baby will gain some weight during that time too. Within the next few weeks of pregnancy, the baby might gain another pound of fats on its body.

35 week old baby

35 weeks old fetus
35 Weeks Old Baby

Your 35 week old baby has fully developed senses and body parts. It can see the things in its surroundings. Baby position at 35 weeks is very important to know because it will decide the type of delivery procedure that would be carried out.

There is a thick coating around your baby that protects it from the amniotic fluid. This will keep on growing until the baby is delivered out of the womb. On the other hand, the extra hair on its body, which were once there to keep it warm, would have been removed already.

There is an interesting thing about growing babies. Although all parts of their body are fully developed by the last month of pregnancy, their brain takes complete 39 to 40 weeks to develop fully. It says that your baby’s brain is still forming and it would be completed by the end of a full-term pregnancy.

Your baby will take a position and adjust itself during this week. Head of the baby should be towards your pelvis. If the baby is not in the right position, normal delivery is not possible. Even if your baby dropped at 35 weeks comes out of you, the chances of its survival are very high.

Your 35 weeks pregnant body

You are so stuffed these days; your belly has grown really big. The 35 week old baby is making your uterus stretch. It is said that your uterus can enlarge up to 1000 times when you get pregnant. And we know you can literally feel that happening inside your body.

You have gained a lot of weight already and this is a very difficult time for most women who have issues like obesity. Your 35 week old baby is not that heavy but your body is still going to gain half a pound every week till your due date is here.

35 weeks pregnant symptoms

Back Ache in Pregnancy

The number of uncomfortable things happening to you has grown so much that you don’t even want to quantify it at all. You must be familiar with your baby’s occasional kicks. At this time, the baby kicking bladder can make you want to urinate more frequently.

First and third trimesters are the toughest but unlike the former one, you rarely feel nausea at 35 weeks. The list of other uncomfortable symptoms is detailed as follows. You might want to get rid of all these things, but you can’t do it during pregnancy. You still have to wait for a few weeks.

Abdominal Pain

This is the most consistent gift of pregnancy. You would feel abdominal pains that might change their intensity but they won’t go away until the last month. There are a lot of reasons that could contribute to this including the increased pressure on your organs because of the 35 week old baby in your belly.

To avoid this pain you have to rest a lot. It’s okay to rest during the final month of pregnancy but do keep in mind to work out a little bit to keep your muscles active as well. Because of pelvic pressure 35 weeks must have made you tolerant of the discomfort.  


Sleeping would become more difficult as the end of pregnancy approaches. You would find it a burden to lie down. Even little uncomfortable symptoms would feel like signs of preterm labour at 35 weeks. But you have to figure out a way to rest. Not sleeping can cause many problems.

It is recommended to take sleeping pills that might help you with sleeping. The right position is also very important. Your baby is big enough to put a lot of pressure on your lungs. This will make breathing very difficult if you lie on your back. Use a pillow to adjust yourself.


Your digestive system would be affected in a very bad way due to pregnancy. Your stomach and intestine would not be able to move freely that would disrupt the digestion process. This might make you constipated quite often. The condition gets worse with a 35 week old baby in your belly.

You should start taking laxatives and dietary fibers regularly. Constipation can be very difficult to deal with during the last months of pregnancy. If the condition seems to go out of your hands, contact your doctor as soon as you can.

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharges are another common thing during pregnancy. 35 weeks pregnant discharge will not surprise you at all. But if your vaginal discharge has a color or a bad odor, you should talk to your doctor about it too.

It becomes even more important to take care of your vaginal health when you have a 35 week old baby in your belly. Any harmful bacteria can infect your baby during the delivery.  

Doctors also recommend certain tests to see if you have harmful bacteria around your vagina. These germs might not be harmful to you but they can harm the baby. You would be given antibiotics before you deliver the baby.


As much as your weight will increase, your back ache would become more difficult to deal with. The biggest blood vessel that brings blood in the lower part of the body could be pressed by the enlarged uterus and this can cause your legs and back to ache as well.
Take your rest and get your back and legs massaged regularly. This will make your blood flow better and the intensity of your pain would lower down.

Itchy belly

Stretching skin is very painful and uncomfortable. Not only you will get those stretch marks but also a very irritating feeling as well. A 35 week old baby is large enough to make your belly stretch a lot.

Avoiding this itching is not that easy but you can reduce the discomfort by using moisturizers or oils. Try not to scratch your skin because it will make things very difficult.


Is it safe to go into labor at 35 weeks? Yes, it is. But you have to make sure that you know when you are having the real contractions. They would be strong and the pain would be similar to the period pain but this time very strong comparatively. But all contractions do not mean that your labor is here. If the feeling persists then you know you have to see a doctor.

35 weeks labor symptoms

Since you cannot predict when your labor would be induced, there are certain signs that you should keep in mind that would help you in getting medical assistance when needed.

  • The first symptom that many women face is the breaking of water. You could feel a certain gush of water or you might feel a slower trickling but just in any case, you should immediately get assistance when this happens.
  • Your contractions would become very painful. This is the sign of real labor pain.
  • Lastly, the contraction won’t go away if you change your position. They would be regular and you will feel them constantly after some minutes.

Birthing Positions

Before you get ready for the big day when your little one will come out of your body, it is a good idea to learn some birthing positions. There are classes available for the mothers to be where they teach  about the strategies to make the birthing process more comfortable and easier.

You can also ask your partner to assist you and accompany you in these classes. This moral support is very important for your physical and emotional well-being. Happier mothers stay healthier and their babies are born healthy too.

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